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SIMI Talks con Davide Pignata


Luca Agostini, intern at SIMI, interviews Davide Pignata about the situation on Europe's hot borders and ASCS onlus' Borders project. Davide Pignata is a philosophy major and graduate student in civil and sustainable economics. Since October 2022, he has been the contact person for ASCS’s Borders project, which aims to expand ASCS’s presence at the hot borders of European migration routes. Alongside this project, Davide is doing an internship with Tranform!europe, with a focus on migration to the European continent.

SIMI Talks con Davide Pignata2023-05-02T14:27:25+00:00

People not numbers… (Un)Welcoming migrants in Europe


Last April 24, the Webinar People not numbers... (Un)Welcoming migrants in Europe was held online. This was the first of an ecumenical and international webinar series aim at fostering critical perspectives on migration in Europe. The series facilitates an ongoing conversation on these issues among theologians and migration scholars, refugees and migrants, activists, and church and civic leaders. This initiative provides a platform for dialogues and exchange of experiences of good practices and lessons learned among Christian communities. After opening greetings from Fr. Aldo Skoda, director of SIMI and professor of Pastoral Theology and Human Mobility at the Pontifical Urbanina University, [...]

People not numbers… (Un)Welcoming migrants in Europe2023-05-04T16:38:24+00:00

(Italiano) SIMI Talks con Matteo Sanfilippo


Con Padre Graziano Battistella, cs segretario generale della Congregazione Scalabriniana ci prepariamo alla ricorrenza dei 135 anni dalla fondazione della Congregazione e presentiamo la nuova biografia sul vescovo di Piacenza, Scalabrini. Il santo dei migranti. Graziano Battistella, già preside del SIMI e direttore dello Scalabrini Migration Center (SMC) a Quezon City (Filippine), è postulatore generale, consigliere e segretario generale della Congregazione dei Missionari di San Carlo – Scalabriniani.

(Italiano) SIMI Talks con Matteo Sanfilippo2023-04-05T13:59:25+00:00

Guidelines for a diocesan/national office for the Pastoral Care of Human Mobility


These guidelines were commissioned by the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Dicastery for the Promotion ofIntegral Human Development and drafted by Professor Fr. Aldo Skoda C.S. and Professor Gioacchino Campese C.S. of the Scalabrini International Migration Institute (SIMI). They do not constitute a new magisterial document but faithfully draw from what has already been wisely codified by the universal Magisterium. The document came about as a response to an explicit request from many bishops’ conferences and dioceses interested in developing a pastoral care for migrants that is up to contemporary challenges. It is particularly nour- ished by the “Pastoral [...]

Guidelines for a diocesan/national office for the Pastoral Care of Human Mobility2023-04-03T13:11:40+00:00

Climate Justice and Migration


We present the second part of Luca Agostini’s research on climate change and migration: A Reflection of COP26 and the Future of Climate Induced Migration 2022 Climate Justice and Migration: Treatment and Dignity   Climate change and its effects have the potential to provide for a uniting cause, bridging communal, economic, or social divides in pursuit of a better planet, or a further measure with which preexisting economic and social divides are exacerbated whereby states who have contributed the most towards climate change and gained the most economically from their exploitation of recourses manage to use their financial power in order to [...]

Climate Justice and Migration2023-02-04T13:36:04+00:00
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