SIMI Talk with Mary Gautier


With Mary Gautier we talk about the international and multicultural dimension of the new generations of sisters in the United States analyzed in the recent volume Migration for Mission: International Catholic Sisters in the United States. Mary L. Gautier (Ph.D. Sociology, Louisiana State University) retired in 2019 as senior research associate at CARA, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, a position she held for 21 years. Before coming to CARA in 1998, Mary taught sociology at Louisiana State University and at Texas Christian University and served as a lay pastoral associate in Baton Rouge, [...]

SIMI Talk with Mary Gautier2022-02-21T14:30:44+00:00

Interview with Fr. Rico Almedilla Talisic 


During the lockdown due to the pandemic, seafarers have played a vital role in the global supply chain and global trade flow. One of the distinctive traits of the apostolate of Stella Maris has always been visiting ships with closeness to the seafarers and fishers. How is the assistance changing at the moment? What is the situation specifically in Cape Town? The Stella Maris ministry of visiting seafarers and fishers onboard ships has changed dramatically. Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Chaplain and ship visitors were normally most welcome onboard. We have felt the hospitality of seafarers and their joy in welcoming us inside the [...]

Interview with Fr. Rico Almedilla Talisic 2022-03-16T16:35:51+00:00
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