Rev. Daniel G. Groody is the vice president and associate provost for the University of Notre Dame, where he also serves as a university Fellow and Trustee, and associate professor of theology and global affairs. He is a Catholic priest, a Holy Cross religious, and an award-winning professor, author, and film producer.

Groody has authored numerous books and articles, translated into seven languages, which include Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice: Navigating the Path to Peace (Orbis, 2007) and Border of Death, Valley of Life: An Immigrant Journey of Heart and Spirit (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002), as well as four edited or co-edited books. He is also the executive producer of several internationally acclaimed films and documentaries, including One Border, One Body: Immigration and the Eucharist, and Dying to Live: A Migrant’s Journey.  He is currently finishing up a book called, “Passing Over: Migration, Spirituality and the Eucharist”.



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